CINEMA 4D: CINEMA 4D fails to render on OS X based render nodes, why?

Verify that your scene is prepared for rendering on an EnFuzion render farm. The logging in the scene must be turned on. To turn on the logging, open the scene in CINEMA 4D and select Render Settings:Options, turn on Log File.

If the logging is turned on, but the scene is still not rendering, then verify that your Compute Node is configured for rendering with CINEMA 4D. The EnFuzion user on the node must have write, read and modify permissions to the CINEMA 4D directory, so that it can manage the render log. These permissions are turned on as follows:

  • right click on C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R9 in Explorer;
  • select Properties:Security;
  • under Group or user names:, select Users;
  • under Permissions for Users:, turn on Full Control;
  • click OK.