Application Plug-ins

Supported Rendering Applications

Operating System Support

User Interface

Simple, intuitive user interface for artists and render farm administrators

Installation & Plug-ins

Compact program executables to install in minutes

Minutes from start to rendering your first frame

One command to batch install all of your render nodes or workstation


Automatic plug-in installation and configuration

Job Submission

Batch job submission from the command line

Customized job submission from your Python scripts

Image Rendering

Tracking and Viewing

Error Handling

Wrangler Tools

Simple interface to manage users, computers and rendering

Two intuitive management interfaces – desktop and browser based

Access your render farm from anywhere using a Web browser

Batch install and update all of your render nodes and workstations

Email user notifications

Automated test frames rendering and user approval

Complete logging of all render farm activities

Automated hourly, daily and Monthly reports

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