What to do when my compute nodes don’t start after a reboot on a Windows machine?

This can happen when a Windows machine cannot complete booting and configuring its networking settings before the EnFuzion Node Service processes try to start.  EnFuzion is designed to overcome this condition by introducing a delay before it starts on compute nodes after a reboot.

You can configure this in the service.config file, which is located in the EnFuzion Installation Directory by default.  In this file, set the value for the startdelay <value> option.

This option tells EnFuzion to delay the start of the EnFuzion Node Service by an amount of time specified in seconds. For example, a value of 60 means 60 seconds of delay. This delay is used to give the Compute Node more time to complete its booting process and networking configuration, before the EnFuzion Node Service can successfully start.

You need to unregister and reregister the EnFuzion Node Service and reboot the Compute Node after making this change.