A Windows based Compute Node doesn’t start, why?

To quickly identify the cause for this, check these EnFuzion log files for error messages:

  • The EnFuzion  Starter Service Log file <EnFuzion Installation Dir>\temp\enfstarter.log
  • The EnFuzion Node Server Log files <EnFuzion Installation Dir>\temp\enfnodea.log and enfnodea.log

A Compute Node is “working” after the EnFuzion Starter Service starts the enfnodeserver process on that Compute Node.  The EnFuzion Starter Service reports any errors that happens during that process in the Starter Service Log, which is here: <EnFuzion Installation Dir>\temp\enfstarter.log.

A common cause for a Compute Node failing to start is an invalid user name or password given during the Compute Node installation. When this happens, the Starter Service log will show the following message:

Thu Jan 12 20:00:41 2006: Logon failed for user ‘EnFuzion’ – Logon failure: unknown user               name or bad password.

There are two ways to correct this:

  1. Re-install the Compute Node with a valid Administrative user name and password, or
  2. Edit the file <EnFuzion Installation Dir>\service.config.txt or the file <EnFuzion Installation Dir>\Config\enfuzion.nodes.txt and change the password to match that of the Administrator user you intend for EnFuzion to run under on the Compute Node.  Which file contains the password you need to change depends on how the Node was created. Refer to the EnFuzion User Manual for more information on “locally-defined” Nodes vs. Nodes “defined on the Root computer”.

After you change the service.config.txt  file, you must restart the Compute Node as follows:

  • Stop the Node by selecting Windows->Start->All Programs->EnFuzion->Compute Node Utilities->Stop EnFuzion Node service.
  • Start the Node by selectingWindows->Start->All Programs->EnFuzion->Compute Node Utilities->Start EnFuzion Node service.

After you change the enfuzion.nodes.txt file,  you must restart the EnFuzion Root as follows:

  • Stop the Root by selecting Windows->Start->All Programs->EnFuzion->Control Root Utilities->Stop EnFuzion Root service.
  • Start the Root by selecting Windows->Start->All Programs->EnFuzion->Control Root Utilities->Start EnFuzion Root service.

When you report problems to our support team, please make sure to include your enfstarter.log,  enfnodea.log and enfnodeb.log files.