An OS X based Compute Node doesn’t start, why?

Verify with the ps ax command that there is no enfnodeserver process.

Verify that the EnFuzion Node startup files are installed. The files are in the directory /Library/StartupItems/EnFuzionNode. The directory should include two files, EnFuzionNode and StartupParameters.plist.

If the directory or the files do not exist, go to the directory with an unpacked EnFuzion distribution and execute:
sudo ./install-svcnode

If the directory and the files exist, verify that EnFuzion is listed in the system startup file. The system startup file is /etc/hostconfig. The file should contain a line:

To start EnFuzion, execute the following command line:
sudo SystemStarter start “EnFuzion Compute Node Agent”

If the enfnodeserver process is still not running, then check out the Node Server log. The log consists of two files in the /tmp directory. Files are called .enfnodea.log and .enfnodeb.log. EnFuzion uses a circular double buffering to keep the file sizes limited. The file with the latest entries contains the latest reports. The files contain any critical error messages by the Node.

If the problem is not evident from the Node Server log, then send a report to and include files .enfnodea.log and .enfnodeb.log.