What to do when the enfdispatcher process is not running on the EnFuzion root computer?

Verify in the Task Manager on Windows or with the ps ax command on Mac OS X and Linux that there is no enfdispatcher process.

If there is no enfdispatcher process, check out the dispatcher log for any error messages. The dispatcher log is located in the directory /work/enfuzion.log. The most common problems are a missing or invalid EnFuzion license key or no space on the working disk.

If the EnFuzion license key is missing or invalid, install the key.

If your working disk is running out of space with less than a few Mb available, EnFuzion Root software records this in the log and preventively terminates. Delete redundant files and reboot the machine or restart EnFuzion.

If the log file /work/enfuzion.log does not exist, delete all the files in the /work directory, verify that the EnFuzion user can write to the directory and reboot the machine.

If there is still no enfdispatcher process and no EnFuzion.log file after the machine is rebooted, verify that EnFuzion is configured to start at the boot time.