My rendering didn’t complete, what to do next?

Select the run with failed jobs and double click on the run to open its Job List window. Check the Show All checkbox in the upper right corner. This will show all job retries, including rescheduled jobs. Select a job which causes problems and right click or Ctrl click on Mac OS X to display the job menu.

Select Show Render Log to view the render log produced by the renderer. Check out the log for any error messages or notices from the renderer that might help to diagnose the problem.

If the render log does not exist or if the log does not contain any indication of the problem, select Show Render Standard Output to view the standard output and Show Render Standard Error to view the standard error. These entries show any messages that are recorded to the standard output and the standard error files by the renderer and other programs.

If Show Render Standard Output and Show Render Standard Error do not help, select Show Render Command. This entry displays the command that EnFuzion used on a Compute Node to render the image. Verify that the command is correct by logging into the Compute Node and typing the command in the Command Prompt. If the command fails, then there is a problem with the rendering application, access to the project files or environment variables on the node. Additional entries in the menu help with the problem identification.

Select Show EnFuzion Job Log to view any additional messages from EnFuzion. This log contains all major events during the job execution as well as all EnFuzion errors for the job. Most common problems that are identified in the log are:
the file or a directory is not found:
The node is unable to access project files. Verify that the project files are shared over the network and accessible to compute nodes.

the following user command exited with status code:
The rendering application failed to complete successfully. Verify that the rendering application is installed on the node, verify the environment variables required by the application and check out the render log, the standard output and the standard error for any error messages.
Select Show Render Environment to view and verify the environment variables that were defined for the renderer. The most common problem with environment variables is that their values are incorrect. If values are incorrect, modify values in the EnFuzion node environment file in /environment.txt.

If the problem persists, select Zip Diagnostic Files. This produces the zip file with diagnostic files. The file is created in the /submissions/work directory. Send this zip file to for assistance.