What to do when an EnFuzion node is not connecting to the EnFuzion Root?

Verify that there is no active firewall on the EnFuzion Root Computer. If a firewall is required on the EnFuzion Root Computer, then configure EnFuzion to use static port numbers. Perform the following steps on the EnFuzion Root Computer:

add the following line to /config/root.options:
jobport 10104

in the firewall configuration, open the following ports:
10101, 10102, 10103, 10104;
restart EnFuzion on the Root Computer.

Verify in the Task Manager on Windows or with the ps ax command on Mac OS X and Linux that the enfnodeserver process is running.

If the process is not running, check out the section on Node is not running.

If the enfnodeserver process is still not running, then check out the Node Server log. The log consists of two files. On Windows, files are called enfnodea.log and enfnodeb.log and are in the \temp directory. On Mac OS X and Linux, files are called .enfnodea.log and .enfnodeb.log and are in the /tmp directory. EnFuzion uses a circular double buffering to keep the file sizes limited. The file with the latest entries contains the latest reports. The files contain any critical error messages by the Node.

If the problem is not evident from the Node Server log, then send a report to support@axceleon.com and include the files enfnodea.log and enfnodeb.log.